Understanding Confidence & Responsibility

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Lesson 22: Understanding Confidence & Responsibility

By- Paresh Chitnis

Best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.

When Arun wants to take an important decision he goes to his parents and seeks guidance. He has actually made up his mind but he is lacking confidence. He is just expecting some moral support. He wishes to get an assurance that he will succeed in whatever he intends to do.
What he is looking for is an approval and guarantee that he is taking a right decision.

He does not want to be responsible for the failure so he prefers to ask someone about the decision.

Something important to note here is that Arun is not expecting much suggestions and changes in his plan. He is not seeking guidance for changing the plan. Obviously, he will get burdened, irritated, rebellious or feel cheated if he starts getting negative feedback or his plan gets disapproved.
Arun is not taking his responsibility. He wants someone else to be responsible for his actions. But he also wants to work according to his own wishes without much changes.

This reluctance and need for approval is seen in the handwriting when Arun does not lift the pen/hand after making the t stem to make the t cross bar.
Lifting your hand where necessary in writing shows your willingness to help yourself. Whereas, dragging your hand without lifting where necessary shows that you are lazy and uncertain. You need someone to assure you success.

Realise that your decisions cannot come with a "100 percent money back No questions asked, whatsoever." guarantee.

Expecting someone to guarantee you success and assure you no questions will be asked if your attempt fails is the fear of failure if decisions go wrong. This is a fear of taking wrong decisions. This is lack of confidence in your decisions.

Arun might end up making some changes in his plan with a heavy heart. He might also fight with the people who suggest him change in his plans. Worst, he may start feeling that he is being misguided and cheated by those who should give him support.

If you write this way; you feel that you face this situation and do not wish to get stuck in this feeling, take help of ypur hand and lift the pen to make a cross bar when you write a t. It will make you feel responsible and confident.

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