Sensitivity to criticism

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Lesson 17: Letter d in Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

“Some say I’m too sensitive but the truth is just that I feel too much. Every word, every action, every energy goes straight into my heart.”

Have you heard of the invisible audience phenomenon — a sense that we're "on stage" when we're in public and that people are watching us. Everyone has experienced this at least once in life.

But some people always have a feeling that they have an audience that is watching them and this audience will criticize them if they don’t live up to their expectations.

They are very conscious about their dressing and appearance. They are very conscious about themselves when in public. They give a lot of importance to the opinion of others and constantly try to please them so that they don’t get criticized. They become very conscious about them-selves and often feel ashamed and embarrassed when they fail to perform well at any given act. When we’re self-conscious, we feel ashamed and embarrassed; Karmin said, “We take someone’s criticism and view it as literal, personal and serious.”


These sensitive people think a lot. They are always in anticipation that people will criticize them. Criticism affects them because it has already hurt them at some point in life and it is like twisting the knife which is already inside them.

Because they are sensitive to criticism, they are hesitant in trying new things, thinking that they won’t be appreciated for doing it. They always find it difficult to get along with others because they are critical towards others too in the same manner.

This sensitivity develops within them during their childhood. In their growing years, if these people have someone around them who has been a caretaker and is always critical of everything they do, it makes them conscious at every step which leads to becoming sensitive.

Their self esteem keeps changing according to the opinion of others. If they are appreciated, their confidence level goes up and if they are criticized, their confidence level goes down.

Sensitivity to criticism may lead to anxiety and depression. These people might get anxious because of thinking a lot and having negative comments from others which might also lead to feeling depressed.  It might also contribute to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. However, it is not necessary that the person having the above behavior has the disorder.

They spend billions of dollars a year on nice clothes, gym memberships, and diets.

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