Lesson 1: Strong Middle Zone Handwriting

Strong Middle Zone Handwriting

Strong Middle Zone Handwriting

Lesson 1: Strong Middle Zone Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

There are 2 places one cannot live in - the past and the future. If your handwriting has a strong middle zone as shown in the picture then you are someone who is just doing it right, living in the present! Do you know you are one of the happiest people? People who live in the present moment like delicious food, good music, and parties. You know how to present yourself in social gatherings by dressing your part and paying attention to how you look.

According to Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, While 60% of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, the remaining 40% is up to us.

Many people struggle to know "How to find happiness in small things" but you naturarly find happiness in the little pleasures of life; you don’t really need larger reasons for bringing that large smile on your face!

You present yourself really well. You know how to dress your part and you are an excellent communicator! 

People become your friends quickly becuase you have this natural ability to connect.

You only give your attention to your present activities, which makes you focus on it perfectly and make the best out of it.

A child doesn’t think a lot before and after doing something what he likes. You are the same and wouldn’t like to change this thing in you. You like being a child, and your age is just a number! This also helps you be happy always, as you don’t hold on to things, be it good or bad, you don’t let it hinder your present moment. A child may have a fight with his friend but the next moment you see them playing together, such is the nature of people like you. Forgive and actually forget!

Learning handwriting analysis can help you to improve your mindfullness

6 Practical Tips to live in the present

For people who want to learn how to live in the present, strong middle zone writers give us below tips to easily live in the present moment:

  1. While you cannot control what happens in your environment, control what happens within you.
  2. Find happiness in small things such as food, clothing or socializing.
  3. Practice mindfullness and focusing on the present moment activities.
  4. Don't hang on to the past
  5. Don't worry abou the future
  6. Live your life like a child.

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