Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?

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loop in d

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?

By- Khushboo

In times when clicking ‘selfies’ has become a rage, how many of us ask this question? Clearly, the answer is most of us. Today, there are not only women, but men too who ask this question in some way or other. It has been observed that People today are very conscious about their image in public, specially the youth. How we look, how we sound, how we present ourselves matter much more than how good we actually are. Outer beauty is given much more importance than inner beauty and the increasing number of selfies uploaded on social networking sites is proof of this.

Let’s take a look at some statistics related to selfies. According to “Selfie Info graphic”, which provides facts and figures about selfies, approximately 1 million+ selfies are uploaded every day. More interesting fact reveals, among these, 14% are digitally enhanced and 36% of them admitted altering their selfies. 13% of females retouch their selfie while a whopping 34% of males admit retouching their selfie. Interesting, isn’t it? Well the statistics clearly show that selfie is the hottest trend of the year. So what makes selfie so popular?

 Is it the need of people to get appreciated for their flawless look? The above statistics show that people enhance, alter and retouch their own picture. It means people not only have the wish to look good, but they also want the world to believe it. There is this increasing need among people to get appreciated or even accepted by public. The more likes you get, the more approvals you get for your look and the more popular you are. In order to get maximum likes for their own pic, today, people are ready to go any extent. If enhancing and retouching of snaps wasn’t enough, some are even ready to go under knife just for enhancing their appearance. In spite of being expensive, the number of people opting for plastic surgeries is on the rise.

The question of concern here is why is there a need to get approval from public about your appearance? Why is there a need to get constant appreciation from others about your appearance? How good you look should matter only to you and not others. The thought that someone will criticize your looks scare us so much that we try to modify or enhance our appearance, in reality or virtually. This is called sensitivity towards criticism. We are so worried about other’s approval that if we don’t get the expected appreciation or acceptance, we get dejected. Sensitive to criticism is a dangerous trait if not controlled. We must learn to make ourselves as less sensitive to criticism as possible.

Handwriting analysis helps us to know how sensitive a person is towards criticism about his/her appearance to public. A graphologist (handwriting analyst) can easily say who needs help in this regard. Let’s have a look at this trait:

The loop in letter d indicates how sensitive we are towards criticism. Here, the criticism is meant in terms of physical appearance. The broader the loop, the more sensitive the person is.

So the next time you pose for a photo, ask yourself this question “Is this for me to see or for others to give their approval? “


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