How to spot an Extrovert from Handwriting?

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Lesson 10: Rightward Slanting Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

When we come across the word “extrovert” we may visualize someone who is talkative, someone who likes going to parties, likes mixing up with people. They are people who enjoy socializing, making new friends, taking quick decisions etc.

According to researchers, extraversion is associated with leadership behavior. Since extraverts are more likely to assert themselves in groups, it makes sense that these individuals often take on leadership roles when working with other people.

They are most likely to take impulsive decisions without thinking much. They prefer being expressive than logical. They might not think much before taking up something. This can sometimes be beneficial to them because they might get something faster than others. It might even prove to be harmful to them in the sense that

They can get easily influenced by people and their ideas. They can also get carried away when an ad convinces them to buy any product.

As compared to introverts who cannot express, it is easier for them to express their emotions and ideas easily. The positive side of being an extrovert is that they are very impressive with their talks. They can start off conversations easily which keeps them as well as people around them cheerful.

Extraversion is one of the big 5 traits in the big 5 personality test in psychology. People can either fall in the introvert or extrovert category between the two and those who have traits of both these categories are called ambiverts (though it is not a trait specified in the big 5 personality, psychology does use this term.) Extraversion being one end of the two, this kind of personality has factors like being-

Energetic: They are always in search of some activity,
Positive emotions: They are always happy and cheerful and also try to make others happy,
Urgency: They tend to take hasty decisions and are impulsive.

A tendency to seek stimulation in the company of others i.e. They feel stirred up when they are around people.

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