Deepika Padukone Sinature Analysis

Signature Analysis of celebrities


Deepika Padukone

By- Paresh Chitnis

This is the signature of Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone.

  1. Large First letter of signature: Good initiative taking and leadership. She will be able to make a significant mark in her field. She likes to take a new approach in her work.
  2. Squeezed first letter of Signature: Deepika will be uneasy and restless to be at the top. She will go an extra mile to achieve what is not easily possible for her. She cannot rest and be relaxed. Always trying to prove herself better then before. She squeezes the best out of her. She becomes uneasy if she is not at the top.
  3. Capital D looking like a W: She likes being in a relationship but later wants to withdraw from it. She prefers to keep some secret about her relationships and move on..
  4. Closed e: She is a selective listener. She likes to hear words of appreciation but suggestions, feedbacks and criticism falls on deaf ears. She is selective in accepting opinions of others. She does not care of the warnings people give her when she is doing something new.
  5. Letter ‘a’ has a leftward loop in the first name but not in the surname: She is ignorant about her personal life but that is not so with her Profesional work. She knows what she is required to do to have a better personal life but she does not take necessary action. There is an element of self deceit in personal life. This will not be seen in her professional work.
  6. Letter P has a strong vertical stroke and a big upper zone loop: She is very eager to have a family. Has lots of plans and ideas for her family life.
  7. Lower case letter d has no loop in the stem: Deepika does not care much about what people would think about her. She is not at all sensitive to criticism. She is not very self conscious in public. She can be comfortable in public.
  8. Perfectly circular letter O : She is a perfectionist. She delivers perfection. She expects perfection from others.
  9. Angular letter n: She is very analytical. She analyses situations and intentions of people quickly. This can be a reason for her stress. She can be very diplomatic, as she understands things fast. She is almost a mind reader.
  10. Flat signature: She prefers to maintain her public image rather than constantly trying to improve her public image by achieving something better.
  11. First name and surname signature: She is an emotional person with her own style of working. She is not compromising and adjusting. She prefers to get things the way she wants.
  12. Legible signature: Her signature is readable. This means that her life is like an open book. She doesn't hide anything purposefully.

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