Dr Rahat Indori's Signature Analysis

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Dr Rahat Indori - Signature Analysis

By- Paresh Chitnis


 Dr Rahat Indori was a renowned Urdu poet and versatile lyricist of India. Let's see what his signature analysis reveals about him as per Graphology.

Signature analysis by Graphologist Paresh Chitnis

Signature begins with soft formations but ends with angular formations.

Rahat sahabs shayari begins with very soft idea but he has the art of suddenly introducing something totally unrelated and generally avoided idea.

Signature has a big knot in the beginning in the middle zone. It shows lot of complications and struggle in the beginning. His childhood and his early career might have been difficult.

The extensive use of wrist movement in the initial part of the signature shows that he has a good eye hand coordination. This goes well with the fact that he was also successful in his early days as a painter, artist and also as a sportsperson.

Too many ink blobs in the middle zone show that he would be concerned about the here and now- present situations. He was known to speak boldly about the incidences happening in the country.

The first vertical stroke of the signature is leaning leftwards while the last peaky formations in the signature lean rightwards. It shows that he was a moody person and didn’t mind being known as one. His unpredictable behaviour and extra-ordinary talent are seen in this multi slant. Sometimes very outgoing and sometimes very withdrawn; sometimes very approachable and sometimes a loner; this is what the change in slant of the signature tell us about his behaviour

It shows that Rahat ji would not directly approach to a topic in his shayari. He will put it to the audience in a roundabout way.

Signature has a very well-developed loops in the upper zone. You can see similar formation in Gulzar sahabs signature too.

The sharp angles in upper zone and soft garlands in middle zone show that Dr Rahat Indori  could speak about difficult disturbing ideas in a very poetic way.

The last stroke going upwards shows the popularity he had earned by having his own unique style.

Some stretched garland formations and some squeezed garland formations in the signature show his slow and fast speeding with words while reciting shayari. Rahat sahab had a good networking skill and a good memory.

The underscore below the signature shows that he was a principle-oriented person and had a good support and acceptance by public. He will stick to his opinions. When Rahat Indori ji was asked in an interview about his performances world over, which country he remembers other than India, he said he keeps getting memories of only and only India.

Salute to Dr Rahat Indori and his contribution to the Urdu poetry.

We are left with his words “Jane ka naaay”.




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