Colours reveal emotional states

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Colour Analysis Foundation Course

Color Analysis test is a psychometric test which is used to understand the psychology of a person from the choice of his colors used in the color analysis test. This simple but effective color analysis test uses some specific colors to understand what is going on in the mind of a person. Based on the choice of colors made by the person from the color analysis test tool the present condition of the person, his aspirations, his fears and other personality aspects are understood.

Color analysis test takes not more than 3 minutes to be administered and completed. It looks so simple that one would ignore the value of the test.
We associate lot of meaning to these specific colors used in the color analysis test.

Handwriting analysis can give you the overall picture of the psychology of the person and it takes an expert Graphologist to determine what is the present situation or concern.

Color analysis test provides a quick view of the present condition and mood of the person. Since the choice of colors in the color analysis test can differ with mood, the color analysis test is very suitable for understanding the present mood or mindset of the person.