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As a student, does your handwriting really matter?

By- Paresh Chitnis

As a student, people make opinions about you looking at your handwriting.

Your notebooks, worksheets, journal, answer sheets are the documents which people can see in your absence and make an opinion about you as a person.

Your neatness, organising ability, planning of work, confidence and determination, consistency can all be known from your handwriting.

Illegible threading handwriting shows that you are quick, bright and intelligent but have no patience to withstand crisis. You may be manipulative and people find it difficult to make up with the speed of your thinking.

Lot of ink blots and patchy cancelling of words shows that you have a bad taste for recreation, you take pleasure in enjoying your senses in perverted ways.

Writing in the left margin shows that you do not value social norms.

If your handwriting has leftward as well as rightward slant then it is considered as a multi slant writing. Such people are moody and unreliable but very talented.

Studies have shown that even a layman can identify personality traits from handwriting to a good degree of accuracy.

So as a student your handwriting is important not just for fetching marks but also for creating the right personality impression.


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