What does you drawing say about you?

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  • Psychology of Drawing & Doodles
  • Certification Provided
  • Language of Instructions: English, Hindi & Marathi
  • 1 Day Workshop
  • Useful for Counseling & Understanding Self
  • Fun Activities

Drawing Analysis

The subconscious mind understands symbolically.  Through drawings a person expresses her subconscious ideas associated with the elements included in it. Drawings reveal the personality in a very subtle way since the person expresses her thoughts symbolically. Thoughts which cannot be expressed in words get expressed as symbols in drawing. So you can know the person much better from the drawing.

You will be amazed to know that drawing analysis is sometimes much more effective than handwriting analysis. If a person cannot write but draw you can know her through handwriting analysis. Drawing analysis is the most effective tool to know the thinking of children. They can express themselves symbolically through drawings. Drawing can also be very useful in crime investigation. If a witness is not willing to co-operate out of fear etc. drawing analysis can reveal her thoughts. A culprit who is not confessing can reveal everything unknowingly through the drawing she makes. Drawing analysis has been used extensively in various fields like counseling, crime investigation, child development, recruitment of illiterate skilled labour etc.

Drawing analysis together with Handwriting Analysis is a perfect way of knowing a person inside out. While it is not necessary that you should know Graphology to learn drawing analysis, if you are a graphologist you can learn it faster and better.

Drawing analysis course is a one day course, conducted on a Weekend in Nashik by Paresh P Chitnis.  Learning drawing analysis is a beautiful experience in itself and gives you a new way to look at people and self.