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Lesson 13: Tall Upper Zone Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis


There are 2 kinds of intellectual people:

  • Those who like getting involved in intellectual activities such as thinking,  gaining knowledge and learn new things.
  • And those who use their intellect in the various activities that they are involved in.

 They are known as intelligent people.

These intelligent have all the qualities of an intellectual person. They are generally intellectual. They have a good understanding of intellectual things and like getting involved in intellectual activities. They are called intelligent because they put their intellectual abilities into practice.

The difference between the terms “intellectual” and “intelligent” is well explained by Graham Collier, in his article “intellect and intelligence” who says that intellect is the rational mental processes that constitute ‘knowing’: the ability to identify and analyze, memorize, and categorize, the physical characteristics and implications of whatever thing or event is perceived by the senses. Intelligence, however, is a mental faculty in its own right—a function of consciousness taking one beyond the facts as such, to suggest meaning or purpose, and determine the course of action to be taken.

In short, intellect is the storage room and intelligence is the usage of this stored material.

These intelligent people use their intellect in understanding  complicated things like philosophy, literature, spirituality. They even understand abstract material. The deep meaning behind all the poetic lines are well understood by these intelligent people.

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