How to spot Distrust

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Lesson 4: Retraced Lower Zone Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

“What loneness is more lonely than distrust?” –Georg Eliot

People who distrust others often end up being lonely. This distrust towards others develops from a very early stage in life. Since they don’t trust anybody, it becomes inevitable that they have to do everything by themselves.

If they take up any big task, they would have to delegate work to others and since they don’t trust anybody, this leads to them working upon the whole thing on their own. They only take up work that they can work upon by themselves.

They cannot trust themselves too. Their self-talk consists of distrust on their own actions. They are very judgmental about themselves and others.

The distrust in the first place does not let them explore things. They do not take any risk. They often feel stuck in trivial choices. They feel stressful and their work also remains held up.

According to Psychologist Erik Erikson, during the stages of development of on individual, he experiences conflict which focuses on developing a psychological quality or failing to develop that quality. During these times, the potential for personal growth is high, but so is the potential for failure. If people successfully deal with the conflict, they emerge from the stage with psychological strengths that will serve them well for the rest of their life. If they fail to deal effectively with these conflicts, they may not develop the essential skills needed for a strong sense of identity and self (Kendra Cherry, Psychology expert).

With a person who distrusts others, this stage would be “trust vs mistrust” where he chooses to mistrust because of the events that take place around him.

Example: A child is promised something, yet he doesn’t get that thing. This repeats several times in his life. He eventually develops an impression that he won’t get whatever he is promised to be given.

As this person grows, this distrust grows stronger and becomes a part of the individuals’ daily actions.

When there is retracing in the lower zone in the handwriting of a person, it shows this distrust in them.

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