Simple way to instantly recognize an argumentative person

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Simple way to instantly recognize an argumentative person

By- Khushboo

Having good argumentative skills is considered as an advantage in lawyer’s profession. But what about the people in general?

How many times do we come across people who are argumentative? Quite a lot of time, isn’t it? In our day to day life, we have to sometimes deal with a person who is very argumentative. It may be your colleague, or your boss, or your friend, or may be some close relative, or at times, just a stranger. These people argue about almost anything and everything. Even a small issue is enough for them to stir up an argument.

While having discussions may be considered as a healthy sign, as it opens to new ideas; having arguments where it is not required can bring out lot of negative consequences. We all know arguments are capable of breaking even the healthiest of relationships. In a pretext to win an argument, people forget tend to forget that they may lose a valuable relationship or a person even if they win the argument.

So, how can we check whether a person is argumentative in nature?


 Handwriting analysis allows to check this through a person’s handwriting. This skill or trait can be seen through letter “P” in a person’s handwriting.  If there is an angular formation in “P” as shown in the image, it represents the argumentative nature of that person. An angular formation made, where it is not required, shows aggression at the wrong places. It also causes stress and anxiety and thus leads to this kind of behaviour.

If proper measures and care is taken, the aggression can be controlled. Try this to help yourself as well as others and see the difference. 


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