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Lesson 12: Knotting in Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

“Life is very simple but we insist on making it complicated.” –Confucius

Normally, people would simplify things while working on any task so that they can efficiently work on them without delay. But some people insist on making things complicated.

They like giving twists and turns to simple things before working on them. They cannot work in a simple manner. They make simple things complicated because they are driven towards complications.

It is easier for them to understand complicated things because their thinking works in that manner. Solving complicated tasks in a complicated manner is their preference. They also choose tasks that are complicated. Even if the task at hand is simple, they tend to complicate it first and then solve it.

For these people, when they get into any kind of problem or situation, they cannot get out of it or even stay in it. This happens because they often get tangled in the complications which they create for themselves.

The reason why people create complications in simple things is because they over-think. Thinking more than required creates complications. Overthinking create problems that aren’t even there. This does not let one focus on the main issues at hand and rather waste energy upon the unnecessary things.

Overthinking is called ‘Rumination’ in Psychology. Rumination is compulsively focusing on distress that one might have to face in some situations that he has experienced before. It is related to anxiety and negative emotional states.

It is good to understand complications but also complicating simple things does not really save time.


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