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Lesson 14: Letter q in Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis


“The best cure for sluggish mind is to disturb its routine.” –William H.

How would a sluggish team play in a football match? They would allow the opposite team to take as many goals as they wanted without even trying to give them a tough fight.

There are people who react aggressively to everything they come across. And there are those who have a soft approach even when they required being aggressive; they are sluggish by nature.

They are very peaceful and have a soft approach. They cannot help but be tender and modest towards everything they come across.

They hesitate to show aggression even when it comes to fighting for their own rights. They are not “go getters” because of this lack of aggression and forcefulness to stir their sense of achievement.

These people are passively aggressive. Their aggression isn’t visible.


An office assistant is asked to do some correspondence. He is a sluggish office assistant and does not want to do this work. He won’t say no because he doesn’t have the required provocation to say no. Instead, he will accept politely to do it and then delay the work, make mistakes in it and such other things, and in the process he will become non-cooperative.

The success rate of such people is low. A person must have a soft and rigid approach according to the requirement of the situation.

Anything in extreme is harmful. Always having a modus operandi of either being only soft or being only harsh is only going to lead to an imbalance in everything. A proper balance of aggression and softness is very important.

For sluggish people, making them bring out their actual emotion is extremely important.  “The best cure for sluggish mind is to disturb its routine.” And for sluggish people, disturbing the routine of being soft towards everything is the key.


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