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How much time will it take you to prepare a detailed handwritten report of your client?

It doesn’t take much time for graphologists to tell someone about their behaviour or point out the scope of improvement in their life. But if you have to give them everything you said in writing it would be hectic and time consuming work.

Graphologists get paid to solve the problem. Every analysis leads to counselling naturally. Even though our tool is handwriting analysis what we end up giving is counselling.

Using this app you can generate a custom report of your clients based on their handwriting in just about ten minutes. When you hand over this report to your client, they leave with more satisfaction than they would otherwise.

The Research

In the early 2018 we did a research at our centre where we provided counselling in two different approaches to our clients. No one knew they were our subjects under radar. We carried out the counselling session as usual. There was only one parameter that differentiated the two approaches and it was a Report generated from our App. Just for the record we labelled clients who got reports as group A and clients who didn’t get the report as group B.

At the end of session both the groups were asked to rate their satisfaction level on the scale of 0 to 10. On an average the group B which didn’t get the report rated the session as a 7.5 and the group A that got the report rated the session as a 9.5.


We observed that clients were willing to pay around 40% more fees to get the report. They were also more likely to rate the counselling session as “awesome” than the group who didn’t get the report.

This research tells us a few things:

  1. Increased potential to charge more fees and look professional in your approach towards counselling.
  2. People feel your session is value for money if they get something tangible in return. It is no surprise that a printed advice is preferred in addition to the talk.
  3. Clients who feel satisfied and awesome after your sessions are more likely to give you more clients. When you give a report it becomes an opportunity for your clients to spread a word about your service. It might sound something like this –

How this applies to you

“Mr. Ram is a fantastic graphologist and counsellor. I recommend you to fix an appointment with him. He will take your handwriting sample and give you a 50 page report of your behaviour. He will then guide you with his counselling. My personal report has helped me a lot to understand myself.”

The problem with giving only counselling is that it fades away after some time.

Imagine if you give a report to your client. They go home and share the report at family get together. They see this beautifully well crafted book talking about their personality. They tell them that this report was generated from studying the formation of handwriting and signature which is about 80-90 % accurate. Now wouldn’t the rest of the family members be curious and appealed to get a report just like that for them? Handwriting analysis is interesting. People are keen to know what their signature says. They are intrigued by how handwriting reveals so much about them.

But what if you never gave a report? Their family members would never come to know about you. You would lose potential clients just because you didn’t give a report.

Business dies after counselling

People do not share with others that they visit counsellor. It makes them feel uncomfortable and insecure as if going to the counsellor was an act of weak people. Weak people don’t know how to take care of themselves and that is why they do not want to appear weak by sharing your services with others.

People believe their eyes more than other’s voices. Even if your client gives a glowing recommendation of your counselling still the other person will hesitate. They have no proof to verify and build confidence in your service.

But if a glowing recommendation is given...

in addition to a solid professional report...

that a potential client can see, read and touch...

he will be more than confident in your services.

The report is value added marketing

The report not only makes your services stronger, it also takes care of your marketing. There is magical power in adding value to your existing service. The more value you give, the more you earn, the more you are able to help. The best way to add huge value to your existing service is to give a report generated from Handpick. It is fast, it is easy to use and the report is impressive. In 15 minutes you can generate a professional looking report of about 50 pages. There is no way you can type that much for every client you have in 15 minutes. This app clearly is a jackpot. Now all your clients will walk out your door feeling awesome with your service and leaving behind more money on your table.


What Graphologists Say

This app has taken graphology and counselling to a next level. Now I can earn more and sell better services to my clients. Using this app is as simple solving match the pair problems of a 10 year old.