Foundation Course in Handwriting Analysis

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  • Learn 3 Methods of Handwriting Analysis
  • 3 Days Workshop
  • Applicable to all languages
  • All alphabets from A to Z covered with complete range of varieties
  • Signature Analysis included
  • Books & Study Materials provided
  • Language of Instructions: English, Hindi & Marathi
  • Certification Provided

Know everything about anyone.

Handwriting is a graph of your thoughts. Handwriting  has all the information about your thinking, speaking, doing and being.

Handwriting analysis is knowing the language of dots, lines, curves and loops in the graph of the handwriting. Handwriting analysis  allows you to know “Everything About Anyone”

What is handwriting? And why is handwriting analysis called as Graphology?

Have you drawn a graph anytime? how do you draw a graph? We first decide the X and Y axis co-ordinates then we plot some dots. Any dot that you make now will have some values on the axes. Thus every dot is meaningful and valuable. When you join these dots you create some patterns like lines with some slope or a curve or a bell shape etc. Now the points that you connected have got more meaning to it together. Thus studying a graph means studying combination of dots to gather meaning and information out of it.

Handwriting is a combination of dots. When we write we create a graph on the paper. Studying the handwriting is nothing but studying a graph. Thus study of handwriting or handwriting analysis  is called Graphology.

What is the science behind handwriting analysis ?

Handwriting needs you to make locomotion of your hand in a very orchestrated way. Your hand moves according to the instructions it gets from the brain. The brain not only has to control the writing hand but many supporting things like your posture, your non writing hands position, your vision, attentiveness, mood etc. Thus your handwriting is an outcome of coordination of your body which happens due to the instructions coming from the brain. The handwriting is actually brain writing because the hand is just an instrument following the instructions of the brain.

But the brain is itself a complex organ which runs on the programs fed in the mind. Your handwriting is thus a graph of your brain activity allowed by the programs in the mind.These subconscious programs govern your thoughts, words, actions and behavior. Handwriting analysis is understanding what personality traits  are seen in the combination of dots lines curves and loops in the writing.

CPAG is a research based personality assessment service providing organisation led by Director- Paresh P Chitnis.

We use various methods like handwriting analysis (Graphology) and Projective Psychology Tests like drawing analysis and colour analysis to assess personality of people.

Graphology is the science of understanding a person’s deep subconscious mind thoughts from handwriting.

You can use this science of handwriting analysis to know “Everything About Anyone” just by looking at their handwriting.

We invite you to take a tour of the website and know more about handwriting analysis, color analysis and drawing analysis.

Where to Use handwriting Analysis?

Handwriting analysis for knowing people: Graphology helps you know anyone instantly. From honesty, reliability, integrity to personal habits and sex drive you can k now “Everything About Anyone” just by looking at the handwriting or signature. You can use handwriting analysis or Graphology to know your friends, business partners, life partner, your children, parents, colleagues and anyone who you want to know.

Handwriting Analysis for knowing yourself and Personality Development: After learning graphology or the science of handwriting analysis you cannot resist yourself from analysing your own handwriting. Of course you will not stop after knowing your shortcomings wrong personality traits and weaknesses. you will want to work upon them and develop yourself into a new You. handwriting analysis is a tool to identify yourself and develop self.

Handwriting analysis for Recruitment: Handwriting analysis is widely used in selecting the right candidate for the organisations. Every organisation has a strong selection procedure and also has people who become pain in the neck for the management. These trouble causing people have also been screened and selected by the selection procedure sometime in the past. So what goes wrong? Not only technical skills but also overall attitude and people skills of the candidate have to be considered while recruiting. Handwriting analysis helps the recruiters to find the right person for the post without investing much time and money.

Handwriting Analysis for employee assessment and appraisal: An employee may be very good at his work but whether he is suitable to handle an altogether different responsibility or an additional responsibility needs to be confirmed before considering a job expansion or job change for an employee. handwriting analysis is used from time to time by many organisations to consider their employees for a new or additional responsibility.

Continuous improvement in employees will ensure continuous growth in the organisation culture and peak performance. To understand the potential and training needs of employees handwriting analysis is a very useful tool.

Handwriting Analysis for Downsizing or Rightsizing: In times of recession or expansion organisations have to take some difficult decisions. You cannot afford to keep paying poor performers, employees who de-motivate others or negatively affect the performance of the organisation. Handwriting analysis helps to identify the rotten apples in the basket and right size the organisation.

Handwriting Analysis for Child Upbringing and parenting: Handwriting is a reflection of the mind and the mind is a collection of programs for life coming from the parents to a child. Handwriting analysis of children and their parents is useful to understand the weaknesses of the child and guide parents to take corrective actions. Fears wrong beliefs self-doubt and many such issues can be nipped of at the bud using Graphology or handwriting analysis.

Handwriting Analysis for career counselling: Sometimes students are undecided about selecting their career and sometimes they cannot decide it for themselves. In both these situations handwriting analysis can show them their inclination and competencies. Handwriting analysis has helped many students and parents from committing blunders in selecting career.

Handwriting Analysis for marital counseling: The number of divorce cases in family courts are on rise. The reasons for divorce are many but the solution to prevent a break up is changing your attitude and understanding each other. Handwriting analysis of the couples and proper counselling can help the families form breaking and the society at large.

Handwriting analysis as a hobby or a profession: You can learn handwriting analysis as a hobby and use it at parties meetings etc. It is a nice way to connect to people. because handwriting analysis lets you know someone very closely.

Since handwriting analysis has wide applications you can think of pursuing it as a profession by becoming a certified handwriting analyst.

Course Details

  1. We conduct Graphology or Handwriting Analysis Courses in Mumbai, Pune & Nashik. 
  2. Course duration is of 3 days, mostly conducted on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
  3. We offer Certification on Graphology courses.
  4. Paresh Chitnis Academy is the best Place to learn Handwriting Analysis with Classroom Experience.
  5. Our Graphology Courses are taught in English, Hindi & Marathi as per the convenience of students
  6. We also provide Forensic Graphology certification course.
  7. To enroll and know the fees of Handwriting Analysis (Foundation Course) you can contact us

Already completed Foundation Course?

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