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Center For Personality Assessment and Graphology LLP is dedicated to providing Graphology training both online and classroom.

All our classroom courses and online courses come with a 100% Money-back Guarantee. 

Here is a brief introduction of who we are and what we do.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a training and development centre in the field of personality assessment. Our domain of work is helping people understand the personality of their own and others. We use various tools like handwriting analysis, signature analysis, drawing analysis, doodle analysis which is collectively known as Graphology. We also use psychometric tools like the Lüscher colour test to understand the mindset and the state of mind of a person. These tools find lot of applications, especially in personality development, recruitment, counseling, crime investigation and education.

In the field of education, Graphology and other personality tools are used by schools and private counselors to understand problems of children and boost their growth by identifying their strengths and training needs. Parenting of the child can be easily understood using these tools and corrective measures can be taken at the right time.

At Paresh Chitnis Academy, we have conducted handwriting analysis workshops for more than 60 schools in Nashik district including international, convent, army and rural schools.

We have made a small attempt to reach the mass students by conducting extensive training programs for trainers of B.Ed. and D.Ed. colleges. The number of teachers trained by us till date is more than 1000.

Professors of Psychology department of various colleges and counselors at schools have taken our courses and they are using it in their counseling successfully.

Our programs for teachers and parents have been organized by recognized organizations like the Lokmat Newspapers, Indian Medical Association, NDMVP group of colleges.

We also conduct training programs on regular basis for the Indian Army officers and Army school teachers, at Deolali.

We are registered with and recognized by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India