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Handwriting reveals to us many areas of improvement. People come to us with variety of problems. Most of the time they are confused as they cannot undertsnad themselves. 

Handwriting Analysis acts like an x-ray to see where the person is broken. Through this observation we detect many unhealthy behaviour traits that influence problems in your life. Many times a single unhealthy habit or part of nature blocks you from achieving the next level. 

Naturally people think what happens to us decides our emotions. So you might blame your job, partner, children, education, health, etc to make you feel terrible and sad. Your views and perception about all the life can be seen through your handwriting.

So, First of all we study your handwriting and understand your thinking pattern. Then we combine graphology with other modalities to help you understand the context and be able to take responsibility to create a change in your life.


How we do it

Handwriting Analysis is a great tool to have your personality analysed. 

When you visit a us, here is how it is going to work,

  1. We'll take your handwriting sample: We'll ask you to write 1 1/2 page content in your handwriting.
  2. On the next day or as the counselor is available, your meeting will be scheduled with them.
  3. When you arrive for the meeting, you will be handed over the complete report of your personality assessment. 
  4. You will also be counselled on any problem you have related to relationships, emotions, thoughts, habits, addictions, etc.


Your Report

After carefully studying your signature, we generate a report of 4 pages. This report gives a detailed insight into your subconscious mind. You can understand yourself through this report and even explore the blind spots you have about your self. This report will give you a perspective of how you are and how people see you.

Specifically there are around 25 parameters discussed in your report which are:

  1. Self Discipline & Focus
  2. Ambition & Capability Utilisation
  3. Creativity & Expression
  4. Quality of relation with others
  5. Determination & Success
  6. Integrity
  7. Leadership/Followership
  8. Introversion/Extroversion
  9. And much more..



We use your handwriting analysis report to identify your areas of improvement.

We discuss with you various problems that your cannot seem to get yourself out of. We will help you identify specific thinking patterns, emotions and behaviours that keeps you stuck in the rut.

This counseling session is open ended. We use other modalities in combination with Handwriting Analysis such as REBT, TA and Life Coaching.