Your logo is the reflection of your mindset

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Logo represents your organisation

Logo represents your organisation. It has been known that the organisation has a  belief system of its own. Collectively the organisation and its stakeholders have some thoughts which are the identity of the organisation. These thoughts are seen in the logo. The logo  is a symbol which tells about the company's business  policies, human policies, way of working, way of decision making, what it considers as a fear, strength or weakness. And much more can be seen in the logo. 

Paresh P Chitnis has studied logos, analysed and guided many businesses. He helps companies select a logo according to their vision for the business. His clients are from India and Abroad too. His clients are happy with the changes in business he suggested and they are benefited from the logo analysis. 

At CPAG, research has been conducted to study the logos at an international level and the results were astonishing. Logo analysis has become so simple  anyone can learn logo analysis and start using it professionally.