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  • Overcome Self Defeating Patterns & Behaviors
  • Instantly Transform your Personality
  • 1 Day Workshop
  • Understand Yourself from Your Handwriting

What is Transformative Graphology?

Transformative Graphology is a one day workshop where you can transform your personality drastically.

This course is about enhancing yourself, breaking dysfunctional life patterns and understanding yourself. This course is not about learning graphology. If you want to learn graphology checkout our Foundation Course & Advance Course in Handwriting Analysis.

Purpose of This Workshop

Some people are interested in taking the medicine instead of learning the medical science. 

If you want to bring a phenomenal change in your life without studying grpahology to much depth, then this workshop is for you.

People often ask us, "If I change my handwriting will my behaviour change?"

The answer is, YES. Changing your handwriting brings a change in your behaviour. It is much easier to change your handwriting than to change your behaviour. Sometimes we don't know what we don't know so how can in this situation anyone change his behaviour?

Transformative graphology is not just a diagnostic tool but also a fast healer. You come to know exactly where you need to work without studying the complete science. 

This workshop is made with an intention to help people who cannot spend much of thier time in learning the entire course.