How to spot a Sarcastic Person?

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Lesson 6: Clubstrokes in Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

Imagine someone says something funny about you and you keep wondering whether it was a compliment or were you made fun of? It doesn’t sound very funny because it is sarcasm!

Sarcasm hides bitterness under the cloak of being funny. It’s just like a sweet knife. The person doesn't understand while being pierced by it.

Sarcastic people are not comfortable with themselves and hence they try making others uncomfortable too. They feel they are insufficient as compared to others. They have a low self-esteem.

They find it difficult to learn from others and they cannot accept anyone. If something hurts them, they make sure of making up a disguised funny comment in response to it.

Their intention is to humiliate the person because they themselves are feeling humiliated. This person might be coming from a mind-set of “I’m not OK, you are not OK” (Transactional Analysis).  They want to make people feel uneasy about themselves by their sarcastic comments.

Saying something which you actually don’t mean isn’t a very right choice to make. Being straight forward sometimes might sound blunt but being sarcastic might prick the person really deep.

The relationships of sarcastic people are very bitter with others. Their comments can be anything from disturbing to insulting.

Sarcasm should not be used by parents while interacting with children. Children always tend to take the literal meaning and not the implied meaning behind the words. So they also might not be able to take anything positive out of it.

Sarcasm can be noticed in the “t” crossbar in the handwriting of people.


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