Open Mindedness

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Lesson 2: Loops in Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

“Mind is like a parachute.. It works best when it is Open..”

Being open minded is related to how a person regards the opinions and knowledge of others. While others are busy looking at something from one side, an open minded person looks at it from a different perspective.

These open minded people like choosing from options despite the fact that they will choose the same thing if they have no option. They are attracted to variety.

They think about various possibilities before taking any decision. This can lead to a better decision making.
Choosing from a variety takes up their lot of time. Their decision making becomes a little slow. They feel uncomfortable if they don’t get options. At times they aren’t very sure whether they have chosen the right option.

They allow themselves to express more and accept more. They are open to new ideas. Building in new experiences and working with a group of people becomes easier.

Open minded people are not confined to their own thoughts or the thoughts of others. They like new discoveries. Accepting improvement in technology and sciences becomes easier for them. 

When they get a new gadget for example, they can find as many functions of it as possible because they try finding a variety in that too. They can think beyond the restricted thinking of others. That makes them work in a unique manner. They try to do things in many possible ways.

They will consider the ideas from others as well; even when they reject it, it will be based on evidence of their evaluations.

Being open minded is allowing the mind to accept variety.

Small loops in the upper zone indicate the trait of being open minded.

How to be open minded - 10 practical Ideas.

For people who want to learn how to be open minded, small loop upper zone writers give us 10 keys to an open mind:

  1. Practice patiently listening to people. Don't terminate someone's views without giving a bit of consideration.

  2. Try searching for alternative options to a problem.
  3. Welcome genuine feedback and really think about it.
  4. Try to do things in a different way.
  5. Develop different kinds of skills and hobies
  6. Try a variety of food
  7. Try changing your monotonus dressing style
  8. Experience different culture
  9. Ponder and contemplate on random things
  10. Read many books

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