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Why do introverts overthink?

By- Paresh Chitnis

I think, introverts think a lot before they choose to speak about what they think but before they speak about what they think they decide not to speak and thus they just think. Some call it ‘overthinking’ but it is actually ‘not expressing’. Because when you think that you don’t need to express everything that you think and end up not expressing anything that you think. What you do is just think, think and think.

And then when you want to say why do ‘I’ overthink you ask why do ‘introverts’ overthink.

This makes the overthinking introvert think and makes some introverts to immediately answer it so that they can be relieved of the overthinking

Introverts often seem to be interacting but that’s a disguise. They talk and interact but do not express what is going on in their mind.

They just withhold the emotions. Call it whatever they are introverts and it is OK if you are one. And that is what I think. What do you think?


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