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Why does my handwriting change throughout writing?

By- Paresh Chitnis

Your handwriting is a subconscious activity. When you write you are focusing on the content, sentences words and spellings. You are not aware of how the handwriting formations are being made. So who is writing? Who decides how the letters will be written? Can you do the act of writing without thinking? It's being thought by you, but you are not aware of this thinking. This is thus a subconscious activity. A subconscious activity is something about which you can be aware but if you are not aware it will still happen on an auto mode.

Now if your handwriting which is happening on an auto mode needs some fixed instructions so that it can keep happening automatically.

If your handwriting keeps changing very frequently, it means that your behavior keeps changing very frequently. It means that you are not very sure about what you believe is right and wrong. It means that your values keep changing. Thus, it shoes that you are unpredictable and unreliable. It shows your moody behavior.

People whose writing keeps changing a lot are very talented but they are unable to utilise their talent to the fullest due to their moodiness.


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