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Lesson 11: Letter M in Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

Fighters always have their swords sharpened, ready to fight with anyone!

These people are always on guard; if they feel any kind of threat coming their way, they are quick to defend themselves. They are looking for threat all the time.

These fighters always interpret things in an opposite way of what it actually means. Any kind of opinion from others, even if it is genuine, is always offensive and objectionable to them. They often interpret whatever is being said in a wrong way, not paying attention to what was actually meant.

Since they are always prepared to face threats, they often fail to understand the depth of the situation and focus on only what they find wrong. They are always judgmental of what happens around them.

Creating this shield of defence mode does not allow these people to understand the opinion of others. They do not understand the depth of others’ words.  Such things affect the relations of these people because there is no proper understanding of the communication that takes place between them. Also the decision making abilities of such people gets hampered due to misinterpreting things.

Psychologist and meditation teacher Tara Brach frequently tells this story: Imagine you are walking through the woods and you see a small dog. It looks cute and friendly. You approach and move to pet the dog. Suddenly it snarls and tries to bite you. The dog no longer seems cute and you feel fear and possibly anger. Then, as the wind blows, the leaves on the ground are carried away and you see the dog has one of its legs caught in a trap. Now, you feel compassion for the dog. You know it became aggressive because it is in pain and is suffering.

It is very important that a person who is quick to take offence must understand the situation instead of reaching any conclusion at once. Depersonalizing the experience that this person is facing is also equally important. Reframing the situation and giving people a benefit of doubt is better than jumping to negative conclusions and spoiling relations.


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