How to spot an Arrogant Person?

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Lesson 5: Letter Blunt T in Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

“You can either be right or happy” ~ Gerald Jampolsky

The people who call a spade a spade, are right but how they say it matters the most. It is not sufficient to be correct when you speak, it should also be palatable to the listener. Truth is bitter but it can be sweetened with words.

Some people don’t believe in presenting what they want to say in a decorative manner. They believe that they are being honest and straight to the point. They are very arrogant and straight forward while they do so. They are blunt people.

They speak focusing only on the message they want to convey, without considering the emotional aspect of the person they are speaking to; they are not really concerned about the impact it will have on others.

People don’t like interacting with someone who speaks bluntly to them. Everyone would like being spoken to with respect.

The social life of such arrogant people is rough. They present their own point without understanding the point of view of others because they feel that what they say is right. In fact, they are right but they present it in a wrong manner.

While having a conversation, there is a speaker and a listener. The communication process takes place when the speaker encodes a message and sends it to the receiver. The receiver decodes it and receives it and gives a feedback for the same. It can be said that a dialogue takes place between these two people.

While conveying a message to someone, it is important to have a dialogue. But when one person is blunt and is arrogantly stating facts, only a monologue takes place.

Such things result in having rough relations with the close ones and also generally with everyone. It is essential to consider the emotions and understanding of the person being spoke to in any kind of communication. The selection of words while stating facts is very important; otherwise the purpose of communication will not be fulfilled.


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