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Lesson 18: Letter f in Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything.” –Dwight D Eisenhower

But what is the difference? Making a plan and planning to make it happen have a vast difference. Planning involves things like thinking, organizing, designing a way to follow that help everything fall in the right place.

People who plan are the ones who think of strategies to help plans to get executed in a smoother way. Without planning, quality of the work is affected and factors such as time, money, material gets wasted.

The ones who plan are called planners. Planners are the ones who good at making strategies, schedules, agendas, inventories, and so on. They prefer ways of doing things over speculation and experimentation. They are good in middle level and higher level jobs where they have to do things mentioned above. They prefer taking up desk work more over field work.

They are intellectually more evolved because most of their work relies on thinking and making an outline of things in mind. They prefer thinking and planning over execuition.

They may or may not be good at executing plans because they lack the motivation to execute the plans. They feel that someone else can execute these plans better than them and they are good planners only.

Their success largely lies in their social qualities because whatever plans they make, they need people to execute them. They must develop these social qualities in order to achieve success.

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