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Lesson 16: Letter o in Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

If you love spending long hours sitting on your sofa or bed watching tv, videos or may be doing nothing at all, you are a potato couch. You love it when you have nothing to do. Relaxation is your priority of all times!

These people are happy go lucky. They don’t get angry very quickly as they don’t like to stress themselves in any manner. If asked to do nothing for long period of time, they will be more than happy to do it! They cannot get bored of doing nothing at all.

At work place, they believe in a relaxed way of working. Shortage of time does not pressurize them; but if their values get threatened, they might speed up a little for a while.

They very well know the demand of time but their main concern if to see if they are comfortable and not under any pressure. This is a laid back behavior which doesn’t let them hurry or worry. They accept things as they are.

The speed of the team cannot be more than the speed of the team leader. If the leader is laid back, it will affect the working time of the whole team. They do not make good followers as well because the slowest member will affect the working speed of the other members as a whole.

Lack of self motivation does not let them move ahead. The drive to take action comes only when we push ourselves towards our tasks and not just by keeping them aside.

They lack the will power to take the efforts to initiate, guide and maintain goal-oriented activities. For example, if you are thirsty, you must have the motivation to get up and get water for yourself. But if you lack motivation, it won’t be important for you to quench your thirst at the cost of getting up!

Inner instincts help a person to take actions. Laziness does not allow these people to follow these inner instincts and take actions for the same.

When you noticed stretched ‘a’s and ‘o’s in someone’s handwriting, it shows that the person is lethargic.

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