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Do you believe the type of pen affects your handwriting?

By- Paresh Chitnis

  1. Grasp: If the pen you are using to write is too fat for the grip then it may make your hand pain while writing. It can affect your writing as you won't be able to turn the pen using your fingers with good control.
  2. Pen tip: If the pen tip is thick then your handwriting strokes will look thick. Now, if your handwriting size is small then small loops in writing will seem to be closed due to thick strokes. For example, letter e empty oval shape may get filled with ink. Small loops in upper zone of the writing, for example, in letters l b h d k t will get filled and the writing will look patchy and distracting.
  3. Ink: Some pens are very blotty. If you stop writing even for a moment and keep the pen touching the paper for some time, the pen would leave blots and make the writing look pasty and shabby.
  4. Pen tip shape: The pen nib tip shape can add weight to your strokes and create natural flourishes in the handwriting. Not all writings look good with calligraphic nibs. You need to understand the strokes.
  5. Ink flow: A smooth ink flowing pen will make a good looking handwriting if you write cursive. But for a print script writing there won't be much of a difference.

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