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How can I know about a person's personality by seeing his/her handwriting?

By- By Paresh Chitnis

Gestalt method of Hanwriting looks at the handwriting as a whole.
Trait method of Handwriting Analysis looks at parts of it i.e. parts of each alphabet, each stroke.

There are various aspects of the handwriting which you need to look upon. Slants, Size, Baselines, Pressure, dis/connection space between lines, space between words, space between letters. etc.

If handwriting is leaning rightward a person is expressive or extrovert.
If handwriting is leaning leftward the person is introvert and finds it difficult to express.
If the line spacing is far off, the person does less work but plans a lot. If the lines are very close to each other then the person plans less and does lot of unplanned work.
If the space between words is far off the person is a loner. If the space between words is too less the person is always dependent on others.
If the person writes with lot of pressure on the paper, the s/he has lot of energy to do work, prefers specialisation and is attached to his ideas.
Light pressure of the writing shows that the person does not have high reservoir of energy. Prefers to do many things without going into the depth.

Large writing shows extravagance while miniature writing is a miserly indication.
Connected writing shows good flow of thoughts and ability to connect with people.
Disconnected or print script writing shows intuitive behavior and creativity.
When letters are squeezed the person is uneasy to achieve more
When letters are stretched horizontally the person is lethargic.
If i dots are missing the person is missing on details
If t cross bar is missing the person lacks determination.
There is lot more to study in each alphabet.
Signatures: These are special formations and are studied extensively.


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