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Lesson 15: Letter a & o in Handwriting

By- Paresh Chitnis

Perfectionist – “Someone who takes great pains… and gives them to others.”

Perfectionism is a quality of highly successful people but when this reaches unattainable heights of achievement there are high chances for a set up of failure.

There is a difference between the desire to excel and the desire to be perfect. For a perfectionist, if the outcome isn’t up to his desired level, it’s equal to nothing. On the other hand for someone who wants to excel, the desire is to perform exceptionally well as compared to others.

A perfectionist looks to be productive but a different picture emerges below the surface. There is a constant fear in his mind about completing any given task apparently without any flaws. They are often stressed out or depressed from trying to reach ever-higher standards.

There can be various reasons why such a behavior becomes a part of the nature of some people; Often parents expect their children to perform exceptionally well academically as compared to other kids which makes the child set very high goals and the failure to achieve them might cause the parents to become upset on them which makes them work very hard. If this same situation has some lenient part to it, it might not create frustration in the child to achieve the goal, it will help him push himself; but if the child has no option other than being perfect, he might end up having an irresistible urge to achieve certain things which might frustrate him if not achieved.

Similarly there are people who think more upon what others expect out of him rather than what he expects out of himself. If at all he doesn’t reach the marks that they set for him, he might feel ashamed and shattered.

For perfectionists, even if the work is a little less than perfect, it creates a sense of dissatisfaction in them. They tend to be very self-critical and it’s hard for them to appreciate themselves for whatever little they achieve.


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