What type of person are you?

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slants of handwriting

What type of person are you?

By- Khushboo

Welcome to the amazing world of graphology where you can understand everything about yourself that you need to know. Our Handwriting reveals so many aspects about our life which may not even have thought of before. Handwriting analysis is one of the best ways to know yourself completely. Your fears, your strengths, your weakness, your habits, your thought process, your areas of improvements, your personality traits, everything can be known with the help of handwriting analysis.

All humans are different from each other. Each individual have their own personality, their own thought process and habits. Based on this, there are different types of people. Some people are friendly, some are introverts, some are talkative, and some are silent while some are impulsive. Each of them have their own unique characteristics.

Want to know which type of person are you?

The type of person you are is revealed by the slants in handwriting. In Graphology, Slants represent the normal bending of letters in your writing. If you observe your handwriting carefully, you will see that your writing has a peculiar

slant/bending. It may be towards left or right or just straight. The degree of this slant indicates the various types of personalities. Slants are indicative of your facial gestures and body expressions. The feelings that you carry in your normal course of life are seen clearly in the slants of handwriting.

Have a look at the below diagram to understand better:


People who have left slant, i.e. handwriting bending leftwards, fall on the left side area of line A. These people are shy and tend to talk less.

People who have right slant in their writing, i.e. bending rightwards, fall on the right side of line A. These people tend to be friendly and outgoing.

People who have their writing straight, i.e. neither bending left nor right, fall on the straight line A. These people are logical, reasonable and diplomatic.


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