Handwriting Analysis for sharp decision making

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Letter M

Handwriting Analysis for sharp decision making

By- Khushboo

The simple way to look at your decision making ability is to look at capital letters M or N in your handwriting. The two vertical angles and their sharp tips at the top represent the ability of a person to understand and analyse the problems well. The sharper and higher the angle, the better the ability to do so. Even a handwriting analyst who knows just the basics of Graphology can help you to understand your decision making style just by looking at the angles in your handwriting. Whether you are a slow decision maker or you have a sharp decision making ability will be seen in your handwriting. Handwriting analysis can help you to improve your decision making.

 The middle angle in “M” represents the ability of the person to find solutions to the problems and take proper decisions. This angle is in the middle zone of the handwriting. The sharper and deeper the angle, the better it is. It helps a person to reach a solution through proper decision making.

So the next time you are looking to improve your decision making ability, just take care of the three angles of your letter “M”. 

Can Graphology help you to improve decision making?

It has been observed by many graphologists, that practicing some handwriting formations can actually benefit you to improve your decision making and personality traits.

Try this out:

Make the following formation regularly to improve your decision making and analytical ability.

Precaution: These formations should not be practiced for a very long time. It can affect your relationships adversely.

The practice of handwritten formations to change personality is called Graphotherapy.


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